William the Bunny

a magical collaboration between Tortoise & the Hare Clothing and Merrilee Liddiard Shop.

William is a curious bunny. He loves to go out scouting with his best friend Amelia to see just how the world works and how things grow. He’s always making sure there are enough carrots in the patch each week for the both of them.

William the Bunny is midi size, at 24″ tall. As part of a special collaboration, he wears a Tortoise and the Hare ticking striped jacket and linen walnut knickers. (You can match him in coordinating Tortoise and the Hare kid size clothing). William is made of linen and has a bit of lavender sprinkled within his tummy for a calming scent. He has a hand painted face – making him an heirloom as well as a the best bunny friend.

William’s jacket comes with two buttons that have been stitched twice to be securely adhered. But do take care. He is not inteded for children under the age of 3 (or children still putting things in their mouths).


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