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Tortoise & the Hare is a collection of heirloom quality children’s clothing made in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Our studio is located in a community that has a rich heritage of artisans and small family businesses. Our neighbors include talented quilters, furniture makers, hat makers, and leather shops. It is a place where things are still made by hand, women still sew their own clothing, and families work together to grow and preserve food. All Tortoise & the Hare clothing is made on our family farm and sewn by seamstresses who were taught to sew their own clothing by their mothers.

Our clothing designs evoke the simple joys and memories of bygone days, yet have a modern touch. Our passion is creating well-made quality clothing that is worth passing on for others to enjoy. We hope that the adventures and memories made wearing our heirloom quality clothing will be well worth the experience of owning them.

Meet the Maker

Welcome to Tortoise & the Hare. I’m Rosina, the designer behind Tortoise & the Hare. I was raised in my family’s 30 acre flower fields and lived next door to my Amish grandpa who was a gifted storyteller and a talented artist. I have fond memories of him telling my brothers and I stories from Aesop’s fables, Bible stories, fairy tales, and of course his own tall tales.  So growing up I learned to love the beauty of nature and to enjoy a good story.  Both these values inform how I want to raise my young daughter and my work designing Tortoise & the Hare clothing.

Inspiration for my designs come from the hues of nature.   My favorite colors are of the sky and nearly ripened wheat.   I also find inspiration in classic illustrations of children’s books and vintage readers.  And if you’re familiar with the clothing traditionally worn by Amish children, you may notice a few design elements that are rooted in this simple way of dressing.

I’m excited to share my designs with you and I hope that the clothing that my family and I make can be part of your family’s memory-making adventures and events for years to come.

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