Welcome to my shop! I’m Rosina, the mama behind Tortoise & the Hare. I was raised in my family’s 30 acre flower fields where daily life always included digging in the dirt, dressing up our chickens in doll clothes, and building forts.  I’m honored to be a part of your intentional lifestyle and grateful to be a part of your family’s memory-making adventures for years to come. You’ll find me in the studio, coffee mug in hand (i’ll take cream with that, please) and always assisted by my own two muses, my own children. I’m passionate about making clothes that are both sustainable and beautiful but always made to last. While tending my own home and dressing my family, my goal is always to simplify and make room for more play. I hope to do the same for you!

Tortoise & the Hare  is a collection of heirloom quality children’s clothing made in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania–  a community that has a rich heritage of artisans and small family businesses.  All our clothing is responsibly made on our family farm and sewn by seamstresses who were taught to sew  by their mamas.

Inspiration  for each collection is found from natural elements and the imaginative adventures my own children embark on.  And if you’re familiar with the clothing traditionally worn by Amish children, you may notice a few design elements that are rooted in this simple way of dressing. Growing up next door to my grandpa who had memorized aesop’s fables and had an impressive collection of his own tall tales, you’ll find every collection to have a little whimsy and a pinch of practicality.  My passion is to create well-made clothing worthy of passing on for others to enjoy.

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