There are those moments that forever change your outlook on life, cause a habit to shift, or create new rhythms. The Dhaka factory fire in 2012 was one of those moments for me. I was obsessed with finding fairly made clothes, companies with transparent manufacturing processes, and any quality made goods created by a trustworthy maker. I was born and raised Amish Mennonite and like most other girls in my tradition, by the time i was in middle school I was sewing my own dresses. So I set out to improve my sewing skills, find ways to upcycle worn out clothes, and generally lessen my consumption. My patience and persistence increased tenfold and I was determined that I would in some way be able to be part of a changing tide.

So today I’m grateful for this growing crowd of responsible families, who are intentional about the cost of goods and want to be part of a more sustainable future.


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