Indigo-colored linen has become a staple here in the studio at Tortoise & the Hare. Originally the name of a plant, the word indigo has become synonmous with all things blue because of the dyes made with the indigo plant.  Many indigo dyed clothing today is manufactured synthetically, but our naturally-dyed pieces still make full use of the original plant.  In fact, the process to make our naturally-dyed linen clothing simply requires water, sugar, and the indigo leaf. First, all the linen is scoured to remove any waxes that might be present making the fabric more absorbent. Next it is carefully dipped into the dye vat emerging a surprising hue of green. The fabric is then dipped into fresh water and the linen changes into the color the indigo blue. This process is repeated until the desired shade is achieved. Finally, the fabric is dried and allowed to cure in a dark area for a period time. Because of this hand-dipped process, there may be slight variations in each naturally-dyed piece. We thoughtfully cut each piece by hand which results in a one-of-a-kind garment that is both kind to your child’s skin and waterways. You can shop all our naturally dyed garments here. 

Indigo is best laundered in cold water, without bleach, and with pH neutral soaps. Find more about our recommended care for naturally dyed clothing here.



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