anne dress | walnut

$ 120.00

Inspired by Anne of Avonlea, the Anne dress is a vintage illustration come to life right down to the puff sleeves and ruffle collar. Dyed naturally with walnut. Designed and sewn by hand in our rustic Pennsylvania farm studio. Linen lined bodice and with a prim row corozo buttons in the back.

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Made of 100% linen, which will soften with wear and age.
Naturally dyed with Walnut.
Bodice lining and collar made from 100% linen.
Back of bodice features a row of buttons, for easyon, easyoff dressing.
Corozo buttons are made in USA.

Care Instructions: Wash cold. Tumble dry delicate or line dry in shade.

ALLERGY WARNING: This piece is naturally-dyed with black walnut. There are reports that some who experience peanut allergies also have some sensitivity to walnut-dyed fabrics.



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