Who we are

Welcome! I’m Rosina, mama, life and business partner with my husband Javan.  We are homebodies and like it best when we are together as a family in our little farmhouse in the countryside of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

We’re passionate about cultivating a mindful lifestyle that fosters community and connectedness.

Thoughtfully Made

Each garment is thoughtfully made in our Pennsylvania sewing studio where we practice lean manufacturing to avoid unnecessary waste and overproduction.

 We choose fabrics that are made of natural and sustainable fibers. Our collections are simple and classic and thoughtfully designed with the ordinary yet magical day of a child in mind. Babies don’t keep so we create each design to have a little room to grow. Our goal is to create simple wardrobes that are 100% good.

Natural dyes

Natural dyes offer us so many beautiful tones. Each naturally-dyed color is carefully developed to achieve just the right shade by an expert dye master. Our dyes are made from roots and bark, others from berries or flower petals. We work hard to make clothes that you know are 100% GOOD for your baby’s skin and the earth. There’s enough to worry about about when raising children and we want to make sure that you can always dress your family with confidence.

It Takes a village


Each garment is thoughtfully made in Lancaster, Pennyslvania



Cutting Room Technician

Sewing Machine Technician


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