Tortoise & the Hare Clothing is a natural children’s clothier. We choose fabrics that are made of natural fibers. Our collections are simple and classic and thoughtfully designed with the ordinary yet magical day of a child in mind. Babies don’t keep so we create each design to have a little room to grow. Our goal is to create simple wardrobes that are 100% good.
Natural dyes
Natural dyes and low impact dyes are an integral part of our process. We believe that a steady transition away from synthetic dyes is integral to the health of our oceans and our own bodies. Synthetic chemicals are loaded with endocrine disruptors and carcinogenic chemicals that are damaging to both local ecosystems and our health. 

Each season I collaborate with a local natural dye company to create a plant-based color palette. Each naturally-dyed color is a work carefully developed by their expert dye master. After a plant-based dye formla is devloped, the new colorway is rigoursly tested for color fastness and crocking. Finally, our seamstresses create protoypes of each design and are then tested in real life to make sure they withstand the ordinary yet magical life of a child. 

Our fabric is dyed by a local natural dye company in machines that are designed especially for natural dyes. This enables us to dye large amounts of fabric, a task that is  nearly impossible when dyeing hundreds of yards by hand. Before the fabric is dyed it is treated with a mordant to optimize the absorbancy of the braci to dye and it’s color fastness. At the dye house, rain water is collected in a huge cistern for all of the dye baths in effort to conserve water and protect local waterways. Because the dye stuffs are 100% plant based, this allows the exhausted dye baths and dye stuffs to be composted or used as fertilizer on local fields.  

Thoughtfully made 
Each garment is made to order and created in our sewing studio on my family’s 3rd generation farm. By only making what is needed, we are able to reduce waste. To further ensure that our resources are wisely used, we cut our garments in small batches and finally assemble all the pieces for our seamstresses who bring all the magic to life.
It Takes a village


Each garment is thoughtfully made in Lancaster, Pennyslvania



Cutting Room Technician

Sewing Machine Technician